Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am really not sure why, but every time I talk about this child I want to call him sweet baby Luke, but more like it's all one word: Sweetbabyluke. I will try to stop. Anyway, a few weeks ago I drove up to Delaware to see my cousin Laura and her husband David and meet Luke, their newest addition.

When you already have two daughters this beautiful and sweet, it's hard to imagine that your family could be any more perfect.

And then this little guy comes along, and you realize he is just what your family was missing.

Proud momma

It was extra special because my grandfather drove in from Pennsylvania and got to meet Luke and my Brody at the same time! He was really excited when they were born because they evened the score- he has five boys and five girls. Here is Gramps with his 9th and 10th great-grandchildren.

I'm listening to my kid babble in the other room and thinking about what every mom has always told me- they grow SO fast. I shot these when Luke was two weeks old (which was about five weeks ago- yep, I'm behind.) He is growing like a champ, which I think makes newborn photo sessions all the more special. It's such a fleeting time, and it's so easy to lose in the chaos of sleepless nights and constant feeding. Laura, thanks for being patient! Can't wait to see you and David and the kids again!


  1. Megan Lineberger HomesleyOctober 21, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    Beautiful photos. I love the one with your grandfather. Keep up the good work and keep on bloggin:). I have to admit that I check your blog daily (and a few others) for updates:)!

  2. Absolutely beautiful Karin. Love your narrative also.

  3. Karin,
    Your pictures are just terrific . . . and I suppose I'm just a little biased about the subject matter too! We just had the Halleys over for dinner tonight, so it was neat to bring up your photos after they left. Luke is growing so quickly -- I can only imagine how much Brody has grown.

  4. What a Beautiful Family!!! And how fun to see your Gransfather.