Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh, nothing

What, this little old thing? Oh, it's nothing, just the park that I walk through every day two blocks from my house. Just the perfect refreshing fall weather after a warm (albeit lovely) visit to South Carolina. Just the perfect combination of green grass, blue skies, and changing leaves. Just something I shot with my iPhone the other day. No big deal.

That's right, my iPhone. It's ok to be impressed.

I started thinking, maybe a weekly iPhone photo would be a fun blog installment. Maybe even I'll give it a fun weekly installment name. [Now accepting submissions.] If nothing else it will be a nice break for you from the over-sharing of my baby's face while I'm editing sessions and don't have them ready to post. Shall we make it official? Done and done. I promise to try very hard (well probably not very hard, probably more just the average amount) to share an image off of my iPhone each week. I promise to try at the same level to make it interesting and not always of my baby. But since this week it's the park, next week I can use my baby. Ha.

Ok, back to work editing all the pictures you ACTUALLY want to see. But seriously, give me name suggestions for my iPhone sharing.

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