Sunday, November 8, 2009

The end of the middle?

It's been a great weekend with friends in town celebrating Dylan's birthday- the big 26! I love our dear friends Ryan, Mary, and Mary for making the trek up to Maryland to hang out with us and spend the weekend eating spaghetti, roaming IKEA, exploring the city, and demolishing funfetti cupcakes, chocolate chip cookie pie and pumpkin bread. We enjoyed some gorgeous fall weather and made the obligatory trip to the Inner Harbor. Here's Dylan (check out Week One of No-Shave-November!) and his best buddy Ryan:

We had an interesting discussion this morning over coffee, scrambled eggs and chocolate chip muffins. Where do the mid-twenties end and the late-twenties begin? Obviously 26 is still the middle, but what will next year be? Surely 27 isn't late... but it's not middle any more either. The group consensus is that this is the end of the middle, so enjoy it!

In all seriousness, of course it makes no difference. Either 26 or 62, I think he's pretty super. Hands down the best husband I've ever had. : )

Love you Dylan- happy birthday!


  1. Yay! Uncle Ryan :) Trey said, "Who-Who...who is that other guy? I forgot his name... Is that Uncle Ryan's brother?!" Hahaha...

  2. No shave november looks like it is going swimmingly. happy birthday to dylan!