Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time for ketchup

Ah hahaha, so clever. What I really mean is CATCH UP. Bet you never guessed.

We made our annual trip to the state fair this week on opening day when admission was only $1. That's right, we went in the pouring rain. (Because of said rain I did not take my camera, so I sadly have no pictures.) We looked at bunnies and oversized vegetables, avoided some dodgy looking llamas, and ate a bunch of elephant ears, Fiske fries, and corn dogs. Ok let's face it, I did not eat any of those things- my only concern was to search high and low for a bag of cotton candy to meet my very specific requirements (which I did NOT find by the way- had to settle for the second best cotton candy at the fair.) Regardless, I did enjoy stuffing my face with fluffed sugar all night and then continuing in the morning for breakfast. That's really the only reason to go to the fair.

In other news, after a week of smoothies, TV, and washing her hair with one hand, Julie's in a removable splint and is back in Clemson catching up on seven days of missed class. Yay for improvement!

I am SO impressed by my two little runners. MaryO and I did a great seven miles last weekend. Katherine and I ran twice in the rain this week, including an eight-miler this morning. (I mean, I think once you are willing to run in the rain you are officially hardcore.) The Marys ran a killer eight miles this morning as well down in GA where they and Kira are visiting Courtney. 

Only eight more weeks till our big race!

And while it's been a month since our trip to Hilton Head and I have YET to blog any pictures, I would just like to state for the record that I love this family, despite their devotion to the Tigers.

I'll be blogging pictures soon from an anniversary party I shot last weekend- my first official "event." And I'm really excited for a few family shoots I have scheduled during October. It seems to early to be thinking of Christmas cards, but it's really not THAT far away. Email me if you're interested- I've got some cool designs that I am dying to order for someone!

Check back soon for more pictures!

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