Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ode to Mr. Ri Ri

Riley is one of the funniest dogs ever. Dylan and I could spend hours making up stories about what he is thinking or trying to say. He entertains us to no end. I mean, what do you expect with a grin like this?

So, in his honor, I have written a poem. Let's all keep in mind that I was not a poetry major.

Riley, or Mr. Ri Ri, as you are commonly known,
I love to see your furry face when I get home!
Your ears go flat and your tag wags with joy,
You are such a happy boy.
You make my life bright and bring me big smiles,
Thanks for being my running partner all those long miles!

I am sorry that we must start brushing your teeth,
I know this process will bring you grief.
Your smile is big and we love it so,
but the vet said you have tartar, and that has to go.
So please forgive us, and don't stay mad,
Your pearly whites will be so glad!

Well, there you have it. Time for bed.


  1. Love the poem. Oh Mr. Ri Ri how I miss you as a roommate.

  2. Mr. Ri Ri! I used him as an example of how you should follow what the dog whisperer says--and my fellow interns did not believe me.