Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ooopsie. So it looks like there is a slight chance that my blog stayed on vacation even when I came back from mine last month. Bad blog. At least we both got some rest.

To break the awkward silence, I give you a little Instagram collage of our week in the mountains! (You guys know how much I like Instagram.)

We spent an amazing week in Boone, NC. My best friend Kati and her husband Stephen and their little Cole came to join us for the second half of the week. Mystery: why didn't Stephen make it into any of these pictures?? I promise he was there.

Well, it was nice to chat with you for a few minutes. Let's not overdo this- it's been a while. We probably need to ease back into our blogging relationship. How have YOU been?

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  1. Men have a funny way of avoiding the camera!